News Roundup

Donald Trump is running for President and in his speech announcing this he trashed the “Mexicans” who he says to the effect that they are the worst of all people. Well NBC and Univision both fired him and will no longer be airing his programs this included the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. So The Donald being the twit that his is decided to sue Univision and NBC is soon to follow for breach of contract  and defamation. Now Trump has tons of money and can last in trial for ages but I doubt anyone would be siding with Donald on this issue, he was the one who defamed an entire nation. He’s 69 and most people are watching him to see how this end as Trump had thought about running in the past  (88, 2000, 04, 12) but never went any further than that. Trump has been critical about Obama but besides having lots of cash on hand, he has no real political experience and just has his name that he puts on buildings.

The Vatican has revealed the plans for Pope Francis’ trip to Cuba and America officially. Sure there is bound to be some elements that will be added in as the trip goes but the broad strokes are there. I am looking forward to see what Pope Francis has to say to Congress. We have had some general ideas about what was going to happen but today has made everything official.



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