2015 Women’s World Cup

Since the World Cup has gotten to the Semifinals, and basically the good teams are still left I thought it was time for this to be mentioned. There are four teams left Germany ranked 1 in the world, USA ranked 2, Japan ranked 4 and England ranked 6. On Tuesday night Germany and the United States face each other and on Wednesday night England and Japan square off. Germany and the US have a combined 4 World Cup titles unfortunately they haven’t faced each other since Spring of 2013. Germany is the favorite in the match although the margin is slim .5, over on fivethirtyeight they have Germany advancing to the finals at 57% while the US are at 43%. Germany did begin in an easy group facing Ivory Coast and Thailand and walloping them both but it has struggled with higher ranked teams like France and Norway. The United States were in the dreaded “Group of Death” where they faced two top ten teams (Australia and Sweden) and Nigeria the highest ranked African team. So it looks like an exciting match and will most likely be a classic, Germany has been high scoring so far this World Cup and the US has allowed only a goal in their first game. The US hasn’t won a World Cup since 1999 and the team isn’t getting any younger, sure this squad has won the Olympic Gold but it has failed to win the World Cup the past two times.

On the other side Japan is the favorite as they won the last World Cup and this is the farthest England has even gotten in the World Cup. I haven’t really been paying attention to this side of the action since it looks like we might be getting rematch of the 2011 World Cup Final and 2012 Olympic Gold Medal match Japan/US or Germany/Japan.



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