Nashville (1975)

From what I read about the film, Nashville, is one of Robert Altman’s best films. I had enjoyed MASH and other films by him. I do not agree with this idea that it’s his best. The film just has too many main characters and and at times it seems like they just are trying to have all the characters eventually run into each other, all around the bicentennial. As usual, spoilers are to follow.

The story was sort of interesting as it’s about 24 people in Nashville who are trying to succeed in the Gospel/Country music scene in Nashville and hold on to their success. There is also a backburner plot with a folksy Politician running for president is holding a rally in four days and that is where everyone one goes. I felt that there was too much going on to completely follow, there are two male superstars one black the other white, the queen of country music who is coming back from a burn accident, that white gospel singer in an all black choir, the one who can’t sing, the one trying to break into the business, a folksy trio and one of these singers gets shot at the end and that’s about it.

Nashville has a pretty impressive cast, Jeff Goldblum is in it as well as Karen Black, Ned Beatty, Keith Carradine, Shelly Duvall, Scott Glenn, Lily Tomlin and Keenan Wynn.  Keith Carradine won an Oscar for Best Song for this film, as most of the songs in the film were written and preformed by the actors themselves. It’s an interesting glimpse at the world in Nashville around the bicentennial. As like most Altman films, so I’ve read, there wasn’t really a script it was more of an outline of what was going to happen. Most of the extras were the natives of Nashville who just happened to be wherever they were when they were filming.



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