13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we hear about death and life. The first reading comes from the book of Wisdom, that’s one of those deutrocanonical books that is included in the Catholic and Orthodox Bibles but not included the Protestant canon. In Wisdom we hear that the Lord did not make death nor does the Lord rejoice in the destruction of the living. Since we were all made to be imperishable by the Lord however through the envy of the devil death entered into the world. This is saying that we are all called through birth to eternal life, and the devil ruined it for us all. In Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians we skip forward three chapters from last week and hear that Paul is taking up a collection for the Church in Jerusalem. Sure asking for money seems like the Church but this reading is more than asking for something more from us. Money would be nice but in the biggest sense Paul is asking those in Corinth to be charitable. We need to recognize that we all have many talents and they should be shared with the community. Catholicism can not be practiced by yourself as it is a communal religion, we are called to share with all our sisters and brothers around the globe.

Turning to the Gospel we hear from Mark, and it’s a long one this week. Jairus comes to Jesus and asks if he could come and cure his daughter. Now Jairus was a synagogue official and his daughter was to the point of death, but we pause this story for a little bit. As in the crowd was a woman who had suffered from hemorrhages for a dozen years, and she thought that if only she could touch the garment of Jesus she would be healed. This woman came up behind Jesus in the crowd and touched his clothes. At this moment she was cured and Jesus turned around and asked who was it that touched him, the disciples were a bit irked by this since he’s in a crowd of people it could have been anyone. The woman came forward and fell before Jesus telling her tale and Jesus turns to her and says “Woman get up your faith has healed you.” The story shifts back to Jairus and his daughter, some people from Jairus’s house come and tell them “Your daughter is dead.” Jesus tells Jairus “Do not be afraid and just have faith” when they arrived at the house the is a huge commotion and crying going on around the house, Jesus asks why this is happening since the child is not dead but only asleep. Jesus goes into the child’s room and says to the girl “Little girl, get up!” she gets up and Jesus gives strict orders that no one tell what had happened and to get the girl some food. Often times we feel desperate like the woman or Jairus, at the end of our rope and we just need to have faith that the Lord will be with to provide what we need. This is why Paul was calling for a collection to support the Church back in Jerusalem, we can do more than money to support the church and our community. All we need is to take some time and be generous with what we have.


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