News Round Up

Netflix: We’ve got two interesting stories from Netflix this week. First off it the announcement that Clarkson, May and Hammond will reunite and do a car show similar to Top Gear on Netflix, how this will work I have no clue. It makes the most sense if they did like several of the specials where they went some place and did something, or they could just do various challenges.   However I was a fan of Top Gear just for the personalities of Clarkson, Hammond, and May sure they talked about cars, but that played second fiddle to the guys just goofing around with the cars. The other was cool since it said that Netflix uses data from BitTorrent to decided what shows to buy. A interesting statistic that they had in the article/interview was that after Netflix comes to an area use of BitTorrent decreases. CEO Reed Hastings says that in Canada use of BitTorrent was halved.

Oscars: This seems like a reasonable request Jack Gill is behind a movement which is pressing for an Oscar which recognizes Stunts as a key element in film making. Stunts are a huge part of the film world today and just about every huge blockbuster is loaded with stunts and there need to be some recognition for this part of Hollywood, for the whole Superhero genre would not exist as about half of those films are stunts. With them already honoring visual effects from companies which basically bankrupt themselves to make a movie so why not add one for best stunts?

Smash: Yes there is news about the long cancelled television show about the making of a musical. Earlier this month they had a Concert version of  Bombshell which many people were excited for so news that Bombshell the musical about Marilyn Monroe which was the show that they were developing on Smash, would becoming an actual musical, has them about to burst. This seems like something that we were sort of hoping for when Smash debuted, as people would know the songs and it would be a safe starting point. The worst part now is going to be what the person\people who write the book to fit the songs already composed into the story. Now there is no decision if this will run on Broadway or when this will happen.


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