12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

We begin this week in the book of Job, we pick up the story as the Lord asks Job basically remember me, the Lord goes on to say I set the limit of the sea and all that other stuff as well This is a rather short reading and there really isn’t to get much out of it. This will be used in the Gospel as well, so keep an eye out for it. In the Psalm are reminded to “give thanks to the Lord for his kindness and his wondrous deeds to the children of men.” As we turn to the epistle we skip for verses from where we ended last weeks reading and hear some more from Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. The love of Christ impels us since for in Christ we have all died so that we might live for him, Turning to the Gospel of Mark we have Jesus commanding the sea to calm down as he and the disciples were caught in a violent squall. This leads the disciples to wonder “Who is this who even the wind and seas obey?” The disciples were afraid at the weather going on as they were powerless against it. We are just like the disciples today when we hear of a bad storm the first thing we do is run out and either stock up on things if we are staying or board up the place and head for higher ground. This is even more true in the winter at the mere mention of snow, milk, bread and toilet paper shelves are cleared. The disciples were on a boat which makes it even scarier since there was a chance of capsizing the boat. They wake Jesus up and says “Quiet! Be Still!” now this was not only directed toward the wind and sea but also the disciples. Quiet and Be Still! These are words that echo through the ages to us today. We are all to preoccupied with other things in our lives that we hardly have time to sit in silence and listen, let alone be still. When I was little and in Atrium the song “Be Still and Know” was used often to settle down all of us children, I still use it today as sort of a centering prayer/meditation. I hope that we all can take some time to sit in the quiet and be still. Also I’d like to wish everyone who is a father a wonderful Father’s Day weekend.


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