Laudato si

The second encyclical by Pope Francis comes out today. It’s bound to be front page of the Vatican website. Laudato si or “Blessed are you” comes from the Canticle of Sun by Francis of Assisi. The encyclical is expected to put the environment as a moral issue and will call all nations to try and stop climate change or something. I will be reading it and breaking it down here in a matter of days I did Lumen Fidei in 10 days hopefully that will work again.  Will there be a large contingent of non catholic who read this as well? I’m not real sure who all reads the encyclicals as they are often really long and deep texts. There is hope that this document ushers in a new age of Eco-conscienceness as we all share this planet and we are called from the days in the Garden to be stewards of the planet. This is something that we have forgotten about in our never ending quest to subdue to planet and make it in our image. If you have some time this weekend try sitting down as perusing it if you don’t have a bunch of time at least take some time a skim the encyclical. So you will have a general sense as to what the document is all about.


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