News Roundup

NBA/NHL Finals: Both series went 6 games and there were won by teams. In the world of hockey it was by Chicago who had won a Stanley Cup recently. In basketball the Warriors ended a drought of 40 years and brought the trophy back to Oakland. Unfortunately this means another year that Cleveland didn’t win, could they have won if they stayed healthy? Cleveland still looks like the team to be in the East next year.

Money: In Zimbabwe they are ditching their currency. As their money is basically worthless and getting even worse over when September comes and they officially end using the Zimbabwean dollar. It currently sits at 35 quadrillion dollars being worth a single US dollar, and that is thanks to re valuating the currency 3 times which removed about 25 zeroes. This is the most recent case of hyperinflation, which has happened several times in the 20th century.

Architecture/Beer: This is a unique story about Heineken Bottles were proposed to be brick shaped so as to be used in construction of buildings. It is a clever idea that Freddy Heineken had as bottles used to be returned to the factory and refilled but in some places they didn’t have the proper infrastructure and the bottles would just be littered around the area. So Freddy thought why not make a bottle that could be used in buildings. Although the brick bottles never made it into production many designers say that this was the first time that designers were thinking about a secondary used while they were designing it. There was a prototype house built  in 1965 and it still exists at the Heineken experience.

Lego: This is a huge development as Lego is putting a billion Kroner about 150 million into finding a sustainable material for Lego to be made of. Lego is made of plastic and this is a huge step in the right direction of their 2030 goal of sustainable material. This is the second step that Lego is making as they have already build wind farms and reduced box sizes as a way to reduce the CO2 emissions. I hope that Lego can find something as I’ve liked them all my life and hope that whenever I have children they can share in the joy of building with Lego.

Judaism: In a very cool story out of Madison, Wisconsin the Congregation Shaarei Shamayim will dedicate their newest addition a new Torah written by a woman. The Torah is the first five books of the Bible. This is one of the dozen Torah scrolls which have been written by a woman.  This is widely considered the work of a male as they have been for centuries and the men are not the willing to teach more women. The Torah consists of 304,805 letter and they are the same from copy to copy and it takes about a year for a Torah to be completed.


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