The Assumption of Mary

At the Assumption, Mary is taken body and soul into heaven, there is some debate about if Mary died or not but that has no real impact on this mystery. This is the fulfillment of Mary and is a reminder to all of us to reflect on our desire to get into heaven. To get into heaven should be the goal for everyone, and to get there we’ve been given the Great Commandment, love your neighbor as yourself, and the Shema, Love God with all your heart soul and mind. For many of us the greatest (shema) is easy we can love God since God isn’t that difficult to love as we don’t deal with God as often  as other people. Mary is a great example of following these two commandments, she loved God so much that she said yes to the biggest question ever, and we don’t hear much about Mary not liking other people. What is our answer to the questions that God poses to us, do we even answer them or do we ignore them. The other is more difficult for us in the real world to deal with loving our neighbors is so hard as people are all different and we have to work with each other to help build the Kingdom of God here on Earth. On Sunday, Pope Francis asked “… do you believe in the beauty of love? Do you believe in the greatness of love? Do you have faith in this? This is a daily faith.” As Adam Guettel puts it in his musical Light in the Piazza “Love if you can and be loved.” I think that this does a great job to sum up the Greatest Commandment. Mary is a great example of this love.


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