News Roundup

Sondheim: This is pretty cool Jason Robert Brown presented the Master Storyteller Award to Stephen Sondheim. It’s a cool speech and Jason Robert Brown talks about how much Sondheim means to him and the layers in Sondheim’s music. If you like music it’s worth a watch as Brown goes into some music theory.

ESPN: Bob Costas rage is directed at something that needs to be raged upon. ESPN announced that at this year’s ESPY awards they will be honoring Caitlyn Jenner  with the Arthur Ashe courage award. Most of the time the award makes sense Pat Summit in 2012, Michael Sam last year, others you have to do some thinking about Dave Sanders in 2000 and Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham, Tom Burnett, and Jeremy Glick in 2002 are all a bit head scratching Sanders died at Columbine and Todd, Mark Tom and Jeremy were all on Flight 93. All of the people who have gotten this award have shown great courage, and sure Caitlyn Jenner had some courage to admit that he was a she but most of what was done was elective and sure she is the most well known transgendered person. However there are some other individuals that people on the internet have deemed were more notable Lauren Hill and Noah Galloway.

SpaceX: The Washington Post is reporting that Elon Musk has files with the government to create satellites that would provide internet access to the whole globe. This is a smart move for SpaceX as it diversifies what it does and if it works would be a boom to the world as it would give more people access to the internet. Richard Branson of Virgin is working on a similar plan. This was tried in the 90s but costs ballooned out of control and basically grounded the project. It seems like another great idea from Musk but will it work we’ve got to wait as see what happens.


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