Apple, “think (the same but a couple year later and say it’s) different”

So Apple had their big developer’s conference earlier this week and most of the announcements were for things that can be done with android or some other app already does it. Gizmodo made a video about this as well. Apple once again is not innovating the iPod came out in 2001 and the iPhone came out in 2007 and it just seems like every year or so they are making it thinner and giving it a minor update and everyone rushes out to get a new one. As for the computer they’ve been trotting out OSX for and tweaking it for the past dozen years. From what I’ve read about the future for Apple it is a cross platform iOSX which will be people using their iPads and iPhones and having the connectivity with the iMac or MacBook you own. This seems basically what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10.

Hopefully Apple is working on something that actually makes sense and is as groundbreaking as the iPod/Phone and iPad was/is and not just simply a thinner version with a bigger screen and a better camera of a previous product or adapting an existing product like the iPod nano 6 which it seems was adapted and eventually developed into what is now the Apple Watch. This is not innovating, it’s called masturbating but there are lots of people who will line up for just about any Apple product since I think I remember that some million people pre-ordered the Apple Watch.


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