The Descent of the Holy Spirit

This is otherwise know as Pentecost, this happened a couple of weeks ago so click on the link and read up on the readings for that Sunday.  Mary and the Apostles/disciples and various others were all gathered together in the Upper Room, the same place the Last Supper took place. The door and windows are closed out of fear when all of a sudden a strong wind  or to be more accurate, in Hebrew, ruach or to the more New Testament minded, in Greek, pneuma comes and envelops the room. I don’t have a Greek New Testament so I can say for sure what the word is. However this echos the ruach from the beginning of Genesis as a ruach of Adonai covered the world. Ruach mean breath, spirit or wind as does the Greek pneuma with the added meaning of soul.

I think that this might be a reminder to all of us that the Spirit of the Lord is still here on Earth and we just need to recognize it. As we read in Genesis 1:2 “the Spirit of the Lord moved on the face of the waters”, however we never read that the Spirit of the Lord ever left. We could recognize the wind as a reminder of the Spirit in our lives. Sure we remember the Spirit once a year and that year in preparation for Confirmation but the Spirit is the one person of the Trinity that many have trouble connecting with.  I hope that we can use this  week and try to find the Spirit in our lives, and if we can’t find the Spirit what is the reason its missing in our lives.


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