Song of the Sea (2014)

Song of the Sea is based on Celtic Mythology specifically the Selkie. Celtic Mythology is a branch that I really don’t know much so it was interesting in that aspect. However the real reason I wanted to see this movie was because it is from the same people who did The Secret of Kells. Both are wonderful traditionally animated films and both were nominated for Best Animated Film. I like both film as they both provide a change from all the computer animated films that seem to dominate the film landscape. As always spoilers might follow so read with caution.

Song of the Sea is the story is that of a brother and a sister. Ben lives in a lighthouse with his father Conor and mother Bronagh who is expecting a child. Bronagh told Ben a lot of tales (myths) which he thinks are just stories. Late one night Bronagh, after leaving Ben her prized shell flute leaves and a daughter, Saoirse, is born. Saoirse now takes Bronagh place in the family. Years later on Saoirse’s birthday, Ben has had it with Saoirse and treats her as a nuisance and the reason his mom left. Conor’s mom come to the lighthouse for Saoirse’s birthday and on that evening Saoirse takes Ben’s shell flute and plays it. This leads her to a trunk with a while fur coat inside which she puts on and goes out to the ocean and by diving in she becomes a seal. Saoirse is a Selkie.

After Granny finds Saoirse in the water asleep she suggests that the children move in with her as it would be much safer there. Conor reluctantly agrees and takes the coat and locks it back in the trunk and throws it into the sea. Ben doesn’t want to leave especially since it mean leaving his dog on the island. On Halloween night Saoirse takes Ben’s prized possession a shell flute and plays it. This awakens some faeries who live in the city. Ben and his sister start making their way home but get sidetracked when the faeries take Saoirse and they want her to play the song of the sea so that they and all their friend frozen in stone can return home. So they continue their trek home. On there way Ben and Saoirse get separated and Ben discovers that the tales that his mother told him were real and the reason his mother left. He eventually rescues Saoirse and they arrive back home, but will they find her coat?  Go watch the movie and find out.

The film is good and at the core is the relationship of a brother and his sister. as they try to figure a way back home. If you have a sibling I am sure you can relate to the story. Sure there are fantastical elements in the story like Selkies but it is a mostly grounded story. I think it would be nice if there were more traditionally animated films that came out each year from the likes of Disney and Dreamworks but we are stuck in the abyss of computer animated 3D films and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Perhaps one day Traditionally animated films will be back in vogue. If you haven’t seen The Secret of Kells or Song of the Sea that are both must see films and they both have a unique art style.


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