News Round up

FIFA: Often times people in the news media hype stories as being world shaking but this one is exactly that. Sepp Blatter after winning a fifth term as President in the election late last week has decided to resign as President of FIFA. This is the most shocking news in recent day since everyone was half expecting Blatter to stay on as President until he died after winning the most recent election. However over the weekend or Monday the powers that be got to Blatter and he “decided to step down” after the new President is elected sometime between December 2015 and March 2016. This comes on the heels of the ongoing corruption case. It will take a while to see any real change happen but some individuals have suggested that FIFA go through a similar reform thing that the IOC went through after Samaranch and the 2002 Salt Lake City ordeal. With the resignation some have wondered what this could do to the World Cups in 2018 and 2022, while it seems like Russia is going to host in 2018, it seems like they might rethink Qatar’s hosting in 2022. Thankfully there will be some more good news from FIFA this week as the 2015 Women’s World Cup begins in three days in Canada.

Beer: I found this story funny the US Senate finally agrees on something. In a Bipartisan resolution expresses the Senate’s appreciation of the goals of the American Craft Beer Week and commends the craft brewers of the United States. The US Senate passed S. Res. 188 by unanimous consent. If there were only more things like this silly resolution that the Senators in Washington could agree upon more people would like the members of Congress. It would be a great thing if these people could work together on other more pressing issues rather than to celebrate a week that most American don’t care about.

Architecture: This was an interesting story about how in New York they are looking at architecture as a means of Public Health. It seems like an easy idea but according to the article it is a rather complex thing to try and superimpose over already existing city. This is a common sense idea that by making a city more pedestrian friendly there will be more pedestrians wandering out which in turn could increase foot traffic in areas and spur economic growth, If there are more community gardens it would help lessen some food deserts, if there are more athletic fields perhaps more people would go out and play. For the study New York used data from Atlanta so I think that the health benefits might be different in  a place further north which get a little bit more snow than Atlanta. These are simple ideas that I think more cities should look to use as the less vehicle traffic the better for the city and the whole world as well.


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