The Ascension

We haven’t done one of these in a while since in May we looked at John Paul II’s encyclical on Mary since that has ended it is time to get back to the Rosary posts on Tuesday

In the second Glorious Mystery we look at the Ascension. Jesus gathers the disciples and commissions them to preach to all nations and to stay in Jerusalem for a couple days
since he will be sending the Spirit and then he ascends to heaven. Then two men show up and ask the disciples why they are staring up at the sky. I don’t think Mary was at the Ascension, although she might have been there.

We are called at baptism to be one of those disciples staring up at the sky wondering what there is to do now that Jesus is gone, but he gave us instructions “Go out and preach all that I have told you to all nations.” This is our mission and we can preach it however we best see fit. Some take it literally as go out into the world with a Bible and get people to know what happened, other see it best to do this figuratively and get people to care for one another by loving other as Jesus would love them.  Are we doing our work or do we just do it lip service? I hope that we can all be reminded by this mystery that we all have work to do.


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