NBA and NHL Finals

This week the finals will begin in both Hockey and Basketball, I don’t care who wins either series.

In the NHL we have Tampa Bay who are playing in their second Stanley Cup matching up against Chicago. The last time either team was in the Stanley Cup Finals they took home the cup, but Tampa’s win was a decade ago and Chicago’s was only two year ago. The Western Conference has had their way the past couple of years taking home the Stanley Cup the past three years. What I was really hoping for was a Capitals/Lightning Eastern Conference final with the Capitals being victorious so there would be a possible Winter Classic rematch with the Blackhawks or facing off against former coach Bruce Boudreau and the Anaheim Ducks. I would have found both those match ups more exciting that Tampa and Chicago.

In the NBA, Lebron James in once again in the Finals he is the first player not play for the Celtics  in the 60s to be in 5 straight NBA Finals. The Cavaliers face the Warriors  both teams have rookie head coaches and haven’t won in 40 years. The Warriors last won an NBA title in 1975 while the Cavaliers haven’t won a title in all their years as a franchise. I will be pulling for Cleveland in this one since they need to have break, the sports teams haven’t won anything titles since 1964 when the Browns won the NFL Championship (not the Super Bowl). Also we need to add more fuel to the Michael Jordan/LeBron James debate.


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