Spelling Bee and smarter Television

The Scripps National Spelling Bee was on yesterday and once again I was glued to the television watching it, could I actually have won a spelling bee growing up that answer is a solid no but I do enjoy that the Spelling Bee is televised on ESPN. This year I recognized some of the words and my studies in Italian and German sort of paid off, as I started to recognize words and trying to figure out how they are spelt.  This year there was another tie so we have co-champions for another year. One of the champions is the first to be a sibling of a previous champion and this is the first time that has ever happened.

It is a cool event and I think that it would be wonderful it there were more events like this that were televised. There the Geography Bee as well but it doesn’t get the same amount of coverage. Sure we’ve got Jeopardy and shows like It’s Academic (high school quiz bowl) but that’s the extent of smart people on television. It would be great to have more people interested in education if we had show that asked tough questions.

On top of all of this it wouldn’t hurt if television got a little smarter as well, cable networks and Netflix and other streaming services are all offering smarter programs than most of the basic networks. If programs didn’t hold our hands telling us what was coming up on the program before the commercials and recap us after every commercial break of what just happened reality shows do this all the time and it seems like reality show and talent contests make up most of the television that is produced in America currently. Perhaps we just shows to be shown in chunks as that it how most people watch television currently on a delay most likely skipping the commercials in the process if networks just realized this and changed the way that ads were placed during a show say like once every half hour for 4 minutes instead of four breaks that last like a minute each during the show. Or something like they have in the EU where or even the US in the 60s where there are less ads on television. I’m not sure what is going to happen to television ads but I am sure they will continue to happen and more and more ads will be sneaking into programs as well.


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