News Round up

Confirmation: This seems to be a growing thing now the Archdiocese of Denver is going back to the older order for the Sacraments of Initiation. With Confirmation coming after Baptism as it had originally been what does this really mean in the life of the Church, I’m not sure but it about how for so many it seems that Confirmation has become an ending  so instead of waiting until like thirteen Confirmation and Communion would be given at the same time at like 7 or 8. The article points to other diocese that have done this and it was successful in most of them but there are a couple which switched back to the “more traditional” Confirmation as a sacrament of maturity.

Space: There are two cool space stories this past week.  NASA is now testing their latest Mars lander InSight. This mission sounds pretty interesting as the goal of the mission is to explore the inner geology of Mars with the goal of using this information for when humans finally get around to visiting Mars (2030s).  Launch of InSight is scheduled for March 2016 and it will be the first interplanetary mission to launch from California.

The other big story is that hobbyists have found the US Air Force’s X-37B the space plane in orbit. I think that it is cool that you’ve got some regular folks who just watch the sky being able to track this supposed secret plane. However the mission objective are not totally known, but this is a cool feat.


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