Stripped (2014)

This weekend I watched an interesting documentary on Netflix called Stripped which is about comic strips, those things in the newspaper. In the documentary it talks about the state of the newspaper comic strip as well as a history of the comic strip and it gives an overview on how syndicates work. The movie talks about how some people are saying this is the golden age of comics as there are so many people who are making comics and the subject matter is so wide so these early digital comics. Sure it talks about newspapers but the prognosis that the creator of comics have isn’t that grim they say that in the future major cities might only have a newspaper but we need to look at the radio as everyone’s got a radio and it is anything but dead. They believe that newspaper might only be online but the newspaper won’t be going anywhere.

The film talks to a wide variety of comic creators both in papers and online. This list includes some of the old guard like Mort Walker of Beetle Bailey as well as some of the online creators like the guys from Penny Arcade and Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant. I thought it was a cool little documentary as I never really understood how comic syndicates like King Features Syndicate or Uclick worked and they have a section in the film about it.  The one thing that it could of had more of was a bit more of the history of comics and how Little Nemo and other early strips were full pages and in color while today the comics are pitifully smaller. If you like any of the comics in the newspaper it is worth the time to watch this film.


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