Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

The latest film in the Mad Max franchise is essentially a reboot of the series since there haven’t been any films since 1985, but it seems to still follow with continuity of the other three films although it’s easy if you have Max wandering off at the end of the movies. Although director George Miller insists that it isn’t a reboot or sequel, and that the films are loosely connected saying that each film is about the “legend of the Road Warrior” meaning that each film is a story about Mad Max that happened, but perhaps told by different people and so some things are altered from each story. I really like this idea and think that some this could do wonders to some film franchises. As per usual there are bound to be some spoilers to follow so read with caution.

The film is about Max a wanderer who gets captured and becomes a living blood bag for Nux, one of the War Boys of Immortan Joe. One of Joe’s most trusted warriors Imperator Furiosa, has gone behind Joe’s back and is trying to take his wives to a safe place, the Green Place, a location the Furiosa remembers from her youth. This begins the chase scenes as Joe wants his wives back. So Nux and his brothers race out to capture Furiosa, Max is brought along and is attached to the front of the car. Furoisa drives into a sandstorm to stop the pursuit, it does but Nux follows and soon his car is torn apart by the storm. After the storm Max finds Furiosa and the wives are close by and he get their help cutting the chain that connected him to Nux, Max steals Furiosa’s rig but it dies on him and the girls catch up to Max. The biggest problems is that now Immortan Joe has had time and he summoned allies from Gas Town and the Bullet Farm to join the chase. Will they find their way to the Green Place and get there safely.

The big theme in the movie is about finding home be it a community of like minded individuals or a physical location. Max is a wanderer and doesn’t really speak much in the film but he does a lot of things and is willing to go to whatever lengths it takes to help these people out. The movie itself was a little long but it was action packed and I’d say was worth the price of admission. I’ve read that there will be a couple more Mad Max movies coming out in years to come and perhaps Mel Gibson might have a cameo in one of these. Mad Max has influences many of the great directors of today and it is interesting to see what Mad Max looks like with a budget.



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