Lesser known..

This week there is a cacophony of events on the 25th. Geek Pride Day is a simplification of the event as it honors the original release of Star Wars, is Towel Day,  as well as the Glorious 25th of May. Towel Day is the day when fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy carry around towels as they are of utmost importance in the world. It is also the Glorious revolution in the Discworld book by Pratchett. It is a unique day as it seems like everyone is in some sort of geek fandom. It’s a catch all day to honor all of “geek culture” although in recent years it seems that has basically turned into mainstream culture. As if you’ve seen a movie recently it most likely was based on a comic book.

There are two interesting Saints this week was well.

Augustine of Canterbury (first third of the 6th century – probably 26 May 604)
Augustine is the guy who brought Christianity to England. Augustine was a Benedictine prior in Rome who was chosen by Pope Gregory the Great for a mission to make King Aethelberht of Kent who had just married a Christian princess a Christian. Augustine’s mission was successful and Aethelberht converted many others were baptized en mass on Christmas in 597. In Canterbury, Aethelberht donated some land for a monastery and eventually a cathedral was built. This is why the Archbishop of Canterbury is the head of the Church of England, it was the first place established. Augustine would start two more diocese in England in London and Rochester all of these would eventually become a part of the Church of England. The Catholic Church main cathedral of England is in the Archdiocese of Westminster, roughly the same thing as the Diocese of London.

Quadratus of Athens (d. 129)
Quadratus is from Greece, the Eastern Church count him as one of the 70 apostles and is perhaps the first Apologists at least according to Eusebuis. That’s about all that we known.




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