News Roundup

Mother Teresa is finally going to be canonized. Mother Teresa and John Paul II are perhaps the most well known holy people in the past 50 years so it is about time that she is named a Saint. Mother Teresa will be canonized sometime in September 2016 about 19 years after she died this is rather quick for sainthood.

Beer: There is a cool video about the Trappist monks in Spencer. The Spencer Trappists are the only monastics in America who brew beer. Beer brewing is one of the long standing traditional things that monks did. In Europe this is huge thing and it is often considered some of the better beer in the world. Typically in American monks would be making fruitcake, fudge, cheese balls or something like that so the Spencer Trappist are really doing a good thing, I’ve read that a Trappist community in California has winery. It this trend continues it would be cool if like the Trappists in Kentucky started distilling. So many of the monastic orders in America are educational that having some monks that make things is pretty cool.


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