Fall Television Preview 2015

So all the major networks had upfronts earlier this week to showcase their fall lineups in order to get advertising I think. These are my insights on what all is coming this Fall.

Nothing much really changes on Sunday night, ABC has three new shows Oil, Kings and Prophets and The Family. All the rest of the channels will be broadcasting the same as last year. One of the things that I found most surprising is that Galavant is coming back for a second season. I really liked the show and it was a nice way to begin the week. Of the new shows Kings and Prophets looks the most interesting as it’s based on the Book of Samuel with King Saul and David.

CBS is once again airing some of the Thursday night Football games so The Big Bang Theory is starting out on Monday and then about November it moved to Thursday. To start off the fall we have four new shows. CBS offers a comedy Life in Pieces it’s like a show in vignettes with events getting told though different points of view, it airs after Big Bang Theory. The CW has a new hour long musical comedy which looks like a promising show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend staring Rachel Bloom. Fox offers a TV adaptation of the movie Minority Report and NBC has a show called Blindspot, which seems a bit like Memento, with a tattooed character who know nothing except for what is tattooed on them. After football is over CBS is bringing Supergirl to the small screen it’s from the guys who have already brought us Arrow and The Flash. From the trailer it looks like it’ll be an exciting show.

We’ve got 10 new shows this night Fox has a complete new lineup, ABC has 4 shows split up between Fall and Winter shows, NBC has a variety show with Neil Patrick Harris and a medical drama. ABC is bringing back The Muppets in the fall, I am looking forward to this. They also are bring a show called Quantico about FBI recruits and one is suspected as a bomber or something. In the Winter they’ve got a show called The Real O’Neals, about a Catholic family in Chicago who got a bunch of problems (Dad and Mom are going through therapy together, a son is gay, another is anorexic, and the daughter is scheming donations for herself) it seems to be somewhat inspired by Dan Savage life. ABC is bringing back Agent Carter for a second season and they’ve got a crime procedural drama anthology show Wicked City. CBS has a show based on the movie Limitless and it’s been said that Bradley Cooper with make appearances. Fox’s new Tuesday begins with a two half hour comedies the first John Stamos learns that he is a father and grandfather at the same time it’s called Grandfathered. The other called The Grinder is about a family of lawyers who one son had a television show called The Grinder where he played a highly successful lawyer and after the show is over he wants to join the family as a lawyer. The Grinder looks the best of the two. Then Fox has a new show from Ryan Murphy and the guys behind Glee and American Horror Story called Scream Queens which looks interesting as each week someone will die and you will eventually learn who the killer is. NBC’s medical show is about a world famous female heart surgeon who struggles to balance work and her life or something. The Muppets and the Variety show with Neil Patrick Harris seem like the best shows this night.

Not much changes tonight. Fox offers us a new show, Rosewood, about a medical examiner who is dying or his life expectancy is short set in Miami. CBS brings us a medical show about the busiest ER, Code Black, it looks exciting but who know how long that it can last.

With football for the first half of the season on CBS the other networks might struggle. NBC brings back Heroes for some reason as a miniseries event. NBC also has a show set in the world of a casino but with crime or something in The Player. Around November CBS will move Big Bang Theory and Life in Pieces to Thursday night and introduce a new show Angel from Hell. It looks like something I’d watch a woman and her guardian angel form an unlikely friendship.

We’ve got a pair of new comedies going up against each other. Dr. Ken on ABC is based on the concept of Ken Jeong’s life before comedy so him as a doctor raising his children.  Over on NBC they’ve got People are Talking about two couples who are best friends one is white the other back. It seems like it will be a poor show.

Sure I’ve got to give some of these show the chance to prove themselves like Life in Pieces but other like People are Talking I think that trailer is basically the first episode. There are other show that they’ve got for midseason that they haven’t shown trailer for so I can’t really say what I think of them.


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