News Roundup

NFL: The National Football League has handed down a severe punishment to the New England Patriots for their role in the ball deflation incident. They are fined 1 million dollars and lose a first round pick next year and like a fourth round in 2017, and most significantly Tom Brady has been suspended for four games will this actually matter in the long run they are the first four games of the season and I’ve heard that Brady might appeal his suspension so it might be less. Now Harry Reid has spoken up about this and says that it is a shame that so much emphasis is on this and not the name of the Washington football team. While it is admirable that a politician is calling the team’s name offensive, that seems to be old hat right now as some 50 senators sent a letter to the NFL about this a year ago and nothing happened. I would really like it if Harry Reid actually cared about Native American and help push through whatever is need to actually federally recognized more tribes in the country. Since most of the tribes recognized are in the Western US while there are still some states with no federally recognized Indian tribes, notably in Virginia where I think the oldest recognition exist in the nation the Mattaponi and Pamunkey tribes have reservations based in colonial-era treaties ratified by the Commonwealth in 1658. I am sure that the name Redskins, will change sometime in the next decade, as Dan Synder really wants the team back in DC and the DC council/mayor want the team back as well but have expressed that if the team does return it should be with a new name.

Science: This is a cool story, scientist have found a new state of matter. Now this isn’t going to change the states of matter that you learn in school (solid,liquid, gas\plasma) but it is one of the more obscure ones like Bose–Einstein condensate, degenerate matter, supersolids and superfluids, or quark-gluon plasma. At this new state the Jahn-Teller effect happens and insulators can be turned into superconductors by just adding pressure. A whole bunch of work has to be done before anything really comes of this but it is pretty cool to think of what can come of this.


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