Lesser known…

Today is Mother’s Day in many countries around the world. I hope we all can remember out mothers today and call them or visit them or something like that. At least offer some prayers for all mothers today living and deceased, mothers and grandmother helped make us into the people we are today, and without them where would we be.

Ice Saints: This is the collective name for Saints Mamertus, Pancras, and Servatius in portions of Northern Europe. They are called so because under the Julian Calendar they fell on May 11-13 and it was typical that the final frost in Northern Europe fell between May 12 and 15. Which is sort of cool I guess I’ve never heard of the Ice Saints before.

Nurses Day falls on the 12 as well. International Nurses Day is a day when we remember all the hard work that nurses do, they are the most important part of the health care system but they don’t get paid enough. I know a bunch of nurses and I the least we can do is give then a big thanks on their day.


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