Sixth Sunday of Easter

This week there is an option for reading the second reading the epistle and Gospel from the Seventh Sunday instead of the readings for the sixth Sunday as in many diocese across the country the observance of the Ascension has been moved to the seventh Sunday. In this weeks readings the keyword in all the readings is Love. The first reading comes from Acts and is about the expanding of the Church to the Gentiles, Peter just had his dream, Peter meets with a man Cornelius a gentile who also had a dream, and when they first meet Cornelius did homage to Peter which Peter tells him to “Get up, I am also human.” Peter goes on preaching about Jesus when the Holy Spirit comes down on Cornelius and all those gather listening. Peter was astonished that the Spirit was poured upon the Gentiles. Peter then tells Cornelius and his companions to be baptized. This is a changing point of the Church as it moves from a small Jewish sect and into a full blown religion, but we learn that the Love of the Father is for all.

In the second reading we hear from the first letter of John again. The basic message here is love one another because love is God and God is love. The cool part about this is the end of the reading which says that the God sent Jesus not because of our love for God but because God loves us. The message continues in the Gospel of John were Jesus gives us the Greatest Commandment, Love one another as I love you, This is a hard thing for many to fully comprehend God loves us and we don’t have to do a thing to earn the love. This is the biggest call in our lives, it doesn’t matter what religion you are, is to love. As The Beatles eloquently sang “Love is all you need.” I hope that in the upcoming week we all can go out and show the love of Lord to all that we meet this week and to all mothers in the United States and the other nations celebrating I wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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