News Roundup

Star Wars: So it seems like the subject of the second stand alone film has been made official. Boba Fett has long been rumored as to be one of the upcoming stand alone films being made. It would be really cool if they keep Daniel Logan involved as portrayed young Boba in Attack of the Clones. We really don’t need an origin story since we know where he came from and why he’s like that Mace Windu killed his father and he saw the whole thing, but it would be interesting for this film to explore the world of Bounty Hunting in the Star Wars Universe.

Beer: We’ve all heard of Food Trucks and perhaps have eaten at one but is the next trend the beer truck? Up in Spokane there is a new bus on the road on Friday, which can dispense beer. Mel Wood owner of Hop Shop with all the success of food trucks wonder why she couldn’t do the same as restaurants and make her craft beer pub mobile. So she bought a short bus and has it decked out with taps and refrigeration units. This bus will be able to participate in about a dozen public events each year and as many private events as they get hired for. Mel thinks that this would be a hit at weddings. It sounds like a cool idea unfortunately for me it is on the other coast.

Space: SpaceX has the pad abort test today and unlike other rockets the Dragon has a rocket attached to the top which pulls it off the Falcon rocket and to a safe distance from the rocket. If it works this will be followed by an in-flight abort test which hopefully will lead to the United States sending a crewed rocket to space some time in 2017.


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