Interstellar (2014)

In Christopher Nolan’s latest film Interstellar, we have Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey as a farmer who stumbles upon NASA and tries to save the world. This is the future and the world is dying, plants are no longer growing and that type of stuff. It’s a decent movie but there are a couple of things that I really wasn’t a big fan of.  Spoilers to follow.

So the world is affected by blight and crops are failing and Cooper (McConaughey) is a farmer who is a former astronaut and pilot, his wife is dead and hie and his children live with his Father in law the great John Lithgow. Cooper’s daughter is being haunted by a ghost or something in her room it turns out it’s trying to communicate and leaves coordinates in binary to the last ditch NASA facility and quite possibly the only way to save the world. This just happens to be run by Cooper’s professor, a wormhole has opened near Saturn and provides us a path to a new galaxy which has a couple of new habitable world. There was a previous mission which sent out explorers to see what the planets were like and this second mission is there to decide which world is the most habitable. So Cooper decides to pilot the mission and leave his family, his daughter, Murph isn’t happy about this and all she gets is a watch. Cooper is joined by Dr. Brand (Anne Hathaway) and two other scientist who die they aren’t important.

The biggest problem about the mission is that two of the world are close to a black hole so time dilation and stuff happens.  In the film they sent probes to these planets before they arrived and the first world is a water world with huge ass waves, they just land without seeing what all the planet is like or anything. It would seem if it were a real mission they would observe the climate of the world before trying to land, since right after they land a huge wave comes and fills the engine with water so it can’t work and they are stuck on the world for longer than need be. Since the first mission was a huge failure they decide to go pick up Dr. Mann (Matt Damon) an astronaut who landed on another planet and they know is sill alive and he has been sending back reports saying that the planet is great. This planet is also near the black hole and they land and discover it is covered in ice. They wake up Matt Damon and he goes crazy trying to escape he wants to see people again that’s the real reason he sent messages that the world has habitable. So Damon escapes and tries to return to earth but he crashes the ship since he didn’t dock properly. Brand want to go to the third world and set about Plan B seeding a planet. In order to get there Cooper takes one of the landers to lighten the load and make it easier for Brand to get to the world as they slingshot around the black hole to get there. So Cooper takes his lander and falls into the black hole.

This is where the movie gets weird inside the black hole there is a tesserect of Murph’s room and Cooper can communicate with her through time or something. Cooper relays the data that Murph need to solve Plan A the space station option, he does this by using the watch to relay a Morse code message to his daughter. After he relays the message he travels back through the wormhole and is brought back to outside of Jupiter. When he arrives back his daughter is really old and she tells him to go back to Brand and help her start the new world.

McConaughey does a decent job, but I wouldn’t say that this is a surprise he’s playing a similar character to what he does in most of the romantic comedies that he was best known for and if the movie was a little longer and we saw him get to Anne Hathaway we might have dubbed it a romantic science fiction movie. The biggest problem is that Cooper seems to indicate the some humans from the future placed the wormhole which clearly was placed by aliens. If there were no wormhole there would be no way for humans to travel outside of the galaxy. This along with the Cooper send himself on the mission to save the world isn’t something that I like to see in films. Other than that it was an enjoyable space film.


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