International Jazz Day

I’ve liked Jazz for a long time growing up I was introduced to Jazz by my Grandpa. He had a cassette in his car of Pete Fountain and when we got tired of the clap and sing tape we sometime put this cassette in and listened to it. I have a huge collection of Jazz, and my most recent additions which  I’ve been on a kick of two albums Dave Brubeck’s Mass and Cannonball Adderley’s Fiddler on the Roof.  I think Adderley’s Fiddler is great and it would be interesting if anyone has tried to mount a production using this orchestration, or even sung any of them with the lyrics. I wasn’t really introduced to Brubeck until his death sure he was honored with a Kennedy Center Honor in 2009 where I learned a little about him but those performances are short and they try to do like medleys. So when he died I read about him saying he was the best Catholic Jazz musician and had written a Mass I was intrigued, I listened to it on Youtube and was a big fan if only it was a real mass setting.

If you’d like listen to some Jazz today it is as American as apple pie and baseball. You can listen to Miles, Chet, Cannonball, Charlie, Billie, Ella, Herbie or Louis. They range in styles and forms but there are a lot of them to choose from including Brad Mehldau, who has a knack for Jazzing up top 40. There are also many Jazz influenced groups around as well like the No BS Brass Band or Chicago or other such groups. Go out and explore the wonderful world of Jazz.


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