News Roundup

I stumbled upon some interesting stories recently.

Piracy: This article looks at Piracy and asks if pirating is really stealing. It offers some good points studios and companies developing content are really on both sides of this issue notably at like HBO where Game of Thrones is a huge hit, but it is also one if not the most pirated shows. So it’s not like people are going to stop pirating since it helps some individuals keep watching a program like people over in Europe who want to see Agent Carter of those people without HBO who was to see Game of Thrones. The piece really doesn’t come out and say that it is illegal or legal offering a work around of what theft really is. They say that the biggest crime is the fines and penalties that people who pirate have faced is the biggest of issues here. I think most people of my generation have pirated something in their lives. I like to say that pirating is like taping something off the radio or television and sharing it with a friend.

Religion: In Hawaii the Bishop of Honolulu has said that Hawaii will be returning to the original order of the sacraments of initiation, from Baptism/Communion/Confirmation to Baptism/Confirmation/Communion. Bishop Silva says that the current system with Confirmation at the end seem to act as a graduation from Church and after people get confirmed they leave the Church. From the letter is seems that Confirmation and Communion would be received at the age of reason. I have no clue if this would really make a big difference in young adult being involved in the Church. The biggest difference could also just come from putting a focus on the young adults. As it is that time where the church seems to neglect this age group, the children have religious education and the older adults seem to run everything. Sure some Churches have a Young Adult group but they are few and far between and it seems like they are more of social groups getting breakfast after church once a month or playing some sport.


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