Fitzgerald and Salinger

F. Scott Fitzgerald and JD Salinger are two of my favorite authors. I’ve read almost everything by these two men and most of it is quite enjoyable and own almost all the books they published. I do not have a copy of Fitzgerald’s play or Three Early Stories by Salinger. However it is pretty cool to have all of someone’s works. It helps that both of these individuals wrote a few novels or novel like works and short stories.

I have finally started the only F Scott Fitzgerald book I haven’t read yet The Beautiful and the Damned. Many believe this book to be highly autobiographical about Scott and Zelda’s relationship. Fitzgerald’s story is about vocation, what one should do with their lives. After I finish the book I’ll do the usual write up on it and I will only have one thing left to read by Fitzgerald his play The Vegetable, or From President to Postman.

So as I near the end of all of Fitzgerald’s works rumor has it there are going to be new Salinger works being released over the next five years.  The original story about it stated that starting in 2015 there will be more works released and added to Salinger’s canon. So I am excited about that will these books be as good as the stuff we already have. Sure we will revisit the Glass and Caufield families but I think I am more interested in reading the other works the World War II stuff and the Vedanta Hinduism manual. Has anyone heard what will be coming out this year and when it will be happening?


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