The Resurrection

So, I didn’t have time to watch AD earlier so expect that post to be later in the week Thursday maybe, the episode focuses on Pentecost. Instead here is a reflection on the first Glorious Mystery.

The fruit of this mystery is faith. It seem whenever I pray this decade it is always for those in faith formation programs or after Easter those who joined the church at the vigil that their faith doesn’t waver and that they can inspire other to rekindle their faith lives. Since it seems that those who convert or join the faith later on in life they seem to have the whole “Hey, look at me I’m Catholic” thing going on. Many have become apologists or what not like GK Chesterton or Scott Hahn.  The Christian church started as a group of converts so perhaps it is best that converts make such a big deal about their “new” faith. While many cradle Catholics just live their lives like normal and that’s it not rocking any boats about our faith lives. So perhaps I need to change who I pray this decade for to those who are struggling with their faith or have abandoned their faith.


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