Lesser Known Saint and Happened\ing this week

So I will be presenting one saint and a little bit of other events that are happening this upcoming week.

The big thing that happens this week is Earth Day, Arbor Day and John Muir’s Birthday. Earth Day and John Muir’s birth coincide on the same day. John Muir was an individual who was a major force in the development of the National Parks in America by conserving land instead of developing it. Muir also founded the Sierra Club. As he saw that nature is what revealed the mind of God. Earth Day began as a relatively small event when it started in 1970 with 20 million in the United States talking about environmental causes and has ballooned from that. Earth Day to me seems to have grown from Arbor day, when we are encouraged to plant some trees and learn about the importance of trees. These events are important for all of us around the globe, all the clear cutting of old growth is a big problem and if we want a future we need trees, just read The Lorax.

The other really historic event is that a hundred years ago the Armenian Genocide began on April 24. Pope Francis recently called this the first genocide of the 20th century. The Turks were not to happy about this as they continue to say that it was an effect of World War I and not the Ottoman Empire that is responsible for the events.

Shimun Bar Sabbae (d. Good Friday 345)
Shemon was the head of the Church of the East called the Nestorian Church (Syria/Persia). He ruled while the King of Persia was persecuting Christians for not worshiping the sun. Shemon and a whole mess of other priests, bishops and other faithful were beheaded. He is remembered in six different churches  each having their own feast day.


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