Third Sunday of Easter

The theme of the readings this week is understanding and knowledge. We start as with every week in Easter in the Acts of the Apostles where we explore the beginnings of the Church. It is an interesting reading this week as Peter is preaching to the Jewish people and says “The Lord glorified Jesus whom you denied and let a murderer go free” then he adds, “but it’s okay since you didn’t know. However you should repent and convert for your sins to be forgiven.” The key point in this whole thing is that ignorance isn’t an excuse we need to be informed about our faith and the world around us. Pick up a newspaper or go visit one online and read about what is happening in the world, and not just hear some newscasters opinion of the story.

We continue in the first letter of John same as last week but we have moved up in the book to the second chapter in which he writes “I am writing this so that you may not commit sin.” Since we have Jesus in heaven acting as an advocate for us with the father. Then the reading turn on itself saying “Those who say ‘I know Jesus’ but don’t follow the commandment is a liar.” Yet those who keep their word the love of God is perfected in him. Aldous Huxley eloquently put it in his book The Perennial Philosophy, “We can only love what we know, and we can never know completely what we do not love. Love is a mode of knowledge…” It boils down to love you may know the Bible and Catechism inside and out and quote the Saints six ways from Sunday but if you don’t love you really are a Christian.

Turning to the Gospel we have the continuation of the Road to Emmaus story the two disciples when back to Jerusalem and were telling the other disciples about what had happened to them at dinner when Jesus appears again to all of them. The disciples were terrified and scared that they might be seeing a ghost. So Jesus reassures them saying “See, I’ve got flesh and bones” and then eats some fish in front of the disciples to prove he is real. After Jesus proves that he is real he opens their minds to understand the Scriptures. This is something that I try to do by reading through and giving the broad strokes of the readings to you all. If you don’t read the readings for mass on Sunday before going I would suggest taking a chance on it, I find it help me focus on the reading instead of reading along in the missal. This reading also seems to be pushing for more us all to try and get into the Bible and read it in group as part of a Bible study or by ourselves.


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