Star Wars Force Unleashed Teaser? Trailer #2!!!!

It has finally been released and once again it looks promising. If you haven’t checked it out yet do so now. io9 also has bunch of other stuff about the Star Wars Celebration and perhaps there will be more over the weekend.  They also have a report about the whole reveal the took place before the teaser. The coolest part of this was BB-8 coming out on stage.  Watch it and re-watch it several times and have some fun this weekend. As that scruffy looking Nerf herder says “Chewie we’re home” After you watch the trailers you will feel the same this is a place we have been long waiting to come back to. Countless fans across the world are all hoping for December to come sooner.

In other movie news there is also a trailer for the Superman/Batman movie that is coming out in 2016, it doesn’t officially get released until the 20th but at a launch event it was shown and recorded and uploaded online. The trailer features Supes and Bat-fleck, it seems the wolrd has gotten tired of Superman and they want him gone. Then there is also Batman who shows up with a gravely voice and a chip on his shoulder. He is much older than we’ve seen a Batman on screen before and he might be going cruel? It looks interesting and sure I’ll be going to see it but it is still a year away and the Star Wars announcement was first and much better.


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