News Roundup

Lincoln Assassination: I am sure we are all well aware that Lincoln died 150 years ago while he was seeing a play a Ford’s Theatre. The play “Our American Cousin” is rarely performed today but it was a farce of it’s day. However to mark the anniversary the play is being preformed in Richmond, VA, Pittsburgh, PA and Springfield, IL shedding some new light on the play today. It would have been really cool if Ford’s Theatre mounted a production but that was not in the cards. I mean I would want to go see it just for the novelty of saying that I sat through it. The whole assassination brings up a big question of if they continued the play or if it just stopped after Lincoln was shot and Booth jumped\fell to the stage shouting “Sic semper tyrannis”.

Beer: More and more Craft brewers are turning to canning their beer instead of bottling them.This is a smart move as cans are easier to transport and help keep the beer at the fresher compared to glass bottle which allows in some UV light cans do not. Some individuals say that beer in cans taste metallic but in all honest it just boils down to what you are drinking. If you want a good beer you’ve got to get something that tastes good, go to like  Total Wine or Trader Joe’s or some other place with a selection of local beer many grocery stores have started selling local beers as well. Get something local and drink it, and if you don’t have an active craft brew scene in your area try other regional beers.You could also go hyper local and start brewing for yourself all the grains, yeast and hops you need are like around $20 for a five gallon recipe, but if you go this route you need to be patient.

Playoffs: The NHL Playoffs begin tonight with four games (Caps/Islanders, Flames/Canucks, Blackhawks/Predators, and Sens/Canadians). This year five Canadian teams made it to the playoffs unfortunately at least two of them will be gone after the first round since they are playing each other in both the east and the west. The NBA Playoffs begin on Saturday night, this year will be the first time in a long while that the Miami Heat are not in the playoffs. All eyes are on the Spurs and if they can once again reach the finals again. More on this later.


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