AD: The Bible continues yet again

So this weeks episode was all the post Resurrection Jesus stuff. We get some of the classic moments Mary going to the tomb first and then telling Peter and John, then the classic race to the tomb with John winning the episode ends with the ascension. We also get some of the lesser known classic moments like that time the disciple did their best Jason Bourne to escape Jerusalem since the Roman authorities were trying to find them and the Molotov cocktails that the zealots used to help the apostles escape. Sure there is a bunch of creative license taken since no one alive today was alive 2000 years ago and it makes the show more exciting but I still really want the show to more faster. Perhaps this is due to the focus on Pilate and Caiaphas along with the apostles so maybe as we move towards Pentecost, which happens in the next episode, we will be losing one of these storylines. Although soon Paul will be making his presence known since that happen in Acts Paul shows up at some point and start persecuting the Christians. The best news is that we are finally out of the Gospels and are into Acts of the Apostles. So stick around another week and see what all happens.



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