Theory of Everything (2014) and Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

It is time for some movie reviews and as usual there are spoilers to follow so please read with caution.

I finally got the chance to see The Theory of Everything, the movie about Stephen Hawking. Eddie Redmayne picked up the Oscar for Best Actor for portraying Hawking and it was a well deserved win as he fully inhabited the role. The film was interesting since I knew nothing about Hawking but his theories so learning about how he became who he is was pretty cool. It is based on Jane Hawking’s memior Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. The story begins with Jane meeting Stephen for the first time and then follows their relationship through their many children and divorce. Sure the film may not have been faithful to the actual events but from what I’ve read Stephen is a nicer individual in the movie then in the book. Perhaps in real life it was some where in between the two. It is a great film and one of the best of the year, if you want to know a little more about Stephen Hawking then this is the film to see.

I also got around to watching the latest Tom Cruise movie, Edge of Tomorrow. It’s that science fiction film which Tom Cruise lives the same day over and over again, kind of like Groundhog Day but it was a time loop so several day could pass before the loop would end with Tom Cruise’s death and he would wake up at the after he was berated by his Commanding Officer and knocked out. Cruise plays the same character he seems to play in all his recent movies. Cruise goes to Emily Blunt’s character, Full Metal Bitch (FMB) to train and become a solider to defeat the aliens and stop his time loops I guess.  Emily Blunt’s character was praised by feminists as she is the one who trains and guides Cruise to win in the end, however some people were livid that they included a romance in the film it was weird as FMB is a dedicated solider and it seems out of place for her to fall in love with Tom Cruise in the day or two that she had known him. Cruise and FMB go out and try to find where the Omega is to stop the massacre that will happen since the aliens known what is going to happen. On the first day Cruise kills an Alpha which causes him to relive the days forever until he gets a blood transfusion or kills the Omega or so the film made me to believe. So as the movie goes on Cruise gets a blood transfusion and will be unable to live the day over again so they go and attack the Omega. This is a pretty decent film until the end after Cruise kills the Omega he wakes up again at the beginning of the film since he touched the Omega blood or something. So he knows everything that happened but everyone else doesn’t know a thing about it. This is a classic example that the main character has little to no development over the course of the film, sure he knows how to fight and he has fallen for Emily Blunt but he is still a cardboard cutout of a person. It was a decent science fiction film and entertaining but I wasn’t a fan of the ending.


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