X-Files and Twin Peaks

With the news of so many television revivals coming to television in the near future (Twin Peaks, X-Files,  Coach and even perhaps Full House) I thought that it would be a good time to watch\re-watch some of the shows. Less so the sitcoms (Coach and Full House) since I remember those shows and remember watching them growing up but with other two shows I needed to watch. I watched The X-Files for little bit but it was more towards the end of the series and the movies so it would be good with X-files returning for a miniseries event some time next year to review the whole series. The one series that is a must watch is Twin Peaks it ran while I was really young so I really had no idea about what it was other than the Psych episode “Dual Spires” which was an homage to Twin Peaks. Also it is considered by many to be one of the best television series of all time, so it’s something that I need to watch. I though it was time to revisit these series which aired in my youth and refresh myself as to what all happened since they both ended over a decade ago, with Twin Peaks nearing 25 years. With both The X-Files and Twin Peaks on Netflix this becomes a more reasonable task.

So I started with Twin Peaks but that was before the revival was ever announced but I was watching it in bits and pieces over months so it took like a year to watch the first season, and I haven’t picked it back up since that time, but with news of Showtime wanting to bring it back I might sit down and finally watch it all finally.  The series that I was excited to watch again was The X-Files simply since it was something that I watched growing up and can vaguely remember things about it. I began re-watching it yesterday and it holds up well even though the pilot came out in twenty years ago. Sure it is funny to see all the outdated technology being used (land line telephones, a slide projector, CRT monitors on computers) but the show is still good and I think that it would hold up if it were to be broadcast on television today.



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