News Round up

College basketball: The NCAA Basketball season is over The Blue Devils and Huskies took home the trophies. This was Duke’s fifth championship and UConn’s tenth Championship. Now that the season is over there has been a flurry of movement on the coaching front will these changes make a huge difference in the upcoming season it is far to early to make any predictions about next season although I’ve already read a CBS pre-pre season top 25 for basketball.

Star Wars:  This is something that we’ve heard of before but it has now been confirmed that the trailer for The Force Awakens will debut in a little over a week at the Star Wars Celebration. At the same event the first poster will be released as well. So it seems likely that the trailer will make it online around the same time. In other Star Wars news the films will finally be will finally be available digitally April 10. I don’t see how they can continue to sell the same 6 films in different packages and people are still wanting to buy them. I have most of the movies on DVD (episode 1 is still only on VHS) and haven’t gotten the Blu-ray yet but i am expecting some deals before the Christmas holiday on the original 6 films while the new one is in the theaters and I’m still holding out for the mega pack that includes Clone Wars, the microseries by Genndy Tartakovsky, along with the films.

Language: This is somewhat sad news that I have come upon the folks behind the Dictionary of American Regional English say that they are running out of money. The DARE is a unique reference book since it catalogs various phrases and word meaning from across the US and what they mean like in the DC area a slug is a term used to refer to an individual that is involved in a ride sharing system where the driver picks up passengers going to their location and is able to use the HOV lanes to get there faster.  It is a cool project and an ongoing one as well, but it looks like to be ending soon. I really hope that some rich generous individuals donates a bunch of money to them and it can last another 50 years  and perhaps even have a second edition of the multiple volume Dictionary.


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