AD: The Bible Continues

So on Sunday night NBC aired the first episode of the follow up miniseries by the folk who made The Bible. If you remember back to 2013 The Bible was a huge ratings success for the History Channel and NBC wanted to cash in on the success so they ordered A.D.: The Bible Continues. They were right about the show so far, the first episode had about 9 million viewers From reviews I read they consider this a cross between House of Cards, Game of Thrones and the Bible. The first episode is something that we’ve already see in The Bible, the Passion specifically the whole trial before the High Priests and Crucifixion and ends with the Resurrection. So I was disappointed with this first episode, since I really though it was going to just be like Acts of the Apostles the TV show. One of the interesting things about the show is the focus on women in the first hour we have the wives of Pilate and Caiaphas and the Marys (Mother, Magdalene) from other reviews of the series it seems like women will have a large role in the show. Sure I will most likely tune in for the rest of the episodes but hope that the story move a bit faster or at least get Jesus up into Heaven by the end of the first half of the next episode, since episode three is about the events of Pentecost. If you liked The Bible miniseries when it aired you are most likely already watching this.


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