Opening Day and NCAA Basketball Championships

It is spring officially now that Major League Baseball season has begun, and it will be the first opening day for the new Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred. Manfred has instituted a few new rules to begin the season mostly to try and speed up the game, these rules were used in the Arizona Fall League and it seemed to have worked in spring training. The other big change is a tweak to the challenges managers now don’t have to get out of the dugout to challenge and if they win a challenge they get the challenge back for up to four challenges in a game.

One of the big things that will be announced tomorrow is that Washington DC will be hosting the 2018 All Star Game, which seems to mean that Tampa Bay will be hosting in 2019 so all that all teams will have hosted an All Star Game, although Tampa might have to get a new stadium before they get a game and there are rumors swirling that the owner might even move the team to Montreal since there is no real support for a new stadium for the Rays in Tampa.

The Nationals once again seems to be favorites for success this year, but we’ve seen what’s happened in the past. However they ponied up some major cash for Max Scherzer and have one of the most dominated pitching rotations in all of baseball. Based on prior years this will be a down year for the Giants and then they will rebound next year and win the World Series again in 2016, as they have all the even years of this decade. Most pundits are pretty sure that this year’s World Series will be won by the LA Dodgers or the Washington Nationals.

The other big game that is upcoming is the NCAA Basketball Championship for both the Men and Women. On Monday night Duke faces Wisconsin for the Men’s Title and on Tuesday UConn faces Notre Dame in a rematch of last year’s championship game on the women’s side. Wisconsin knocked off an undefeated Kentucky in the Final Four, just like Duke knocked out an undefeated UNLV back in 1991 before they took home a Championship. So I hope that this result holds and Wisconsin wins the Men’s title. Over on the women’s side I would really like for Notre Dame to win since Connecticut has just won too many title in recent years they currently hold back to back titles. Notre Dame has gotten close the past five years but they haven’t come home with a win yet. On a side note, I really want to see Coach K and Coach Geno retire from coaching, I mean they both have been coaching my entire life and give some other team a shot a winning something or perhaps switch places for a year to see how they do coaching the other gender in basketball or maybe even just do it like in the summer.


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