News Round up

The Daily Show: As I am sure we are all well aware Jon Stewart will be leaving The Daily Show at some point in the future, likely in May before the Summer break. Comedy Central has now announced that Trevor Noah will be talking over. Since the announcement it seems like people everywhere are already claiming this to be a horrible idea, I just think that it is 2015 and people are going to find some problem with most decisions made by a company. Especially since everyone is on Twitter and we all have a huge digital footprint that something from our past can haunt us forever. It seems that Comedy Central knows how to fill the hosting gig for The Daily Show, I mean who in there right mind would have picked Jon Stewart to host after Craig Kilborn, and I am sure that in the early internet there might have been some uproar about Stewart taking over but it was like over a dozen years ago. So we should all just wait and see what the show becomes when it return in the fall it will be drastically different from what it is now.

Star Wars: This gets filed into the sure I already had a strong idea that this is where he trailer will debut. The Force Awakens full length trailer will debut at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in at the end of April and it will make it’s theatrical debut with Avenger 2. So it seems that it will be online officially sometime time in April, so that is something to look forward to this month. As for if the trailer will tell us anything else about the film it seems likely but knowing JJ Abrams the trailer might not really show much.



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