Big Hero 6 (2014)

In Big Hero 6,  Walt Disney’s film loosely inspired by the Marvel comic of the same name, we hit all the classic Disney notes we have a death near the beginning and then our hero aptly named Hiro, struggles to deal with the loss and eventually with the help of his friends he moves on and overcomes his own thoughts of worthlessness.

Spoilers to follow:

Hiro is a smart young teen in San Fransokyo, his parents died when he was little and Hiro and his brother Tadashi live with their aunt above her cafe. Hiro really wants nothing to do with the world and would be content if he could just build and fight robots all day long. Tadashi presses Hiro to join him at San Fransokyo Tech in the robotics department, he brings Hiro to show him what he’s been working on it is a home health robot Baymax and then tells Hiro that he has no chance at getting into the school  and this prompts Hiro to give it his all and get in. Tadashi tells him that if Hiro can come up with a good enough invention that impresses the head of the Robotics department, he can get in.

Hiro works long and hard on his project microbots which would revolutionize the world it impresses the head of the Robotics department and Hiro get invited to join or something, not sure how this college thing works in the movie. After Hiro’s presentation there is a fire and Tadashi runs in to rescue the head of the department but the explosion is to much and he dies. This leads Hiro into a deep depression and eventually to Baymax, who has been moved to Tadashi and Hiro’s room. Baymax tries to help Hiro over come his depression and gets him together with Tadashi’s friends from school.

Hiro believes that the only way to grieve is to get the guy who killed Tadashi and with the help of Tadashi;s friend he goes out and starts looking, but eventually runs into a man in a kabuki mask who has been manufacturing Hiro’s microbots. They form a misfit band of heroes and the all get super suits and special equipment, even Baymax is outfitted and upgraded to help out as well.  Will they catch Tadashi’s killer and find out who stole Hiro’s microbots. Go see the movie if you want to find out, and be sure to stick around for a post credit scene that features Stan Lee making his cameo.

It was a fun animated film and it won the Oscar for Best animated feature, along with countless other awards. I really like it since it was a light break from most of the other Superhero movies that have\are coming out are so dark that we sometimes miss the joy that we felt as children first reading the comics.  Was it the best animated feature that is highly debatable as How to Train Your Dragon 2 also picked up  a bunch of awards and some people still believe that The Lego movie was overlooked.


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