Arts Education in High School

So I got a post on Facebook alerting me that my old high school is thinking of making the theatre arts teacher a part time position at the school, which seems like a stupid idea  I find it a shame that whenever money need to be found the first place they look for it is in the arts, even though for most of those programs are self sufficient through the fundraising of the students and ads sold in programs. I’m not sure why they want to cut theatre back or anything like that, but this is an important issue so if you’ve got some time and want to support the arts please sign the petition.

Here is why I signed:
Everyone it seems has already touched on the development of well rounded individuals. However there is more to it than that as theatre arts helps develop confidence, empathy, stage presence and other things that are essential in the real world. For many student involved this is their only chance to be on stage and by cutting the program it would be a detriment to society. In the broadest of strokes we all act every single day on the job to neighbors and friends, even sometime to our families as Paul Lawrence Dunbar wrote in his poem “We wear the Mask”. Theater programs help us to become better people by helping us recognize the myriad of masks that we put on.. I understand how schools are stressing Math and Sciences but the Arts, all of the Arts are important and it is a shame to hear that this is an actual idea in one of the richest school districts in the nation. I was involved in both on the stage and in the classroom and after spending over hundreds of hours working on shows and in classes with roughly the same people over four years they became more than friends they are family.


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