News Round up

Space: There is going to be one of the coolest space missions in recent year launching. A year long space flight, NASA and Roscosmos will each have a astronaut in space for a whole year they are scheduled to launch on Friday. The goal of the expedition aboard the ISS is to understand better how the human body reacts and adapts to the harsh environment of space. These results will be used to help plan missions to Mars and perhaps even colonization in the near future. NASA will be sending Scott Kelly into space and conducting a twin study as well. Scott Kelly is twin to Mark Kelly and this will be the first time that the Twin Paradox  will be actually tested, although that aging part is not apart of this experiment. but it will look too see if there are any difference between the two during and after a year in space.

Beer: Stone Brewing Company is at it again, previously I mention that they had released a recipe for the Stone Pale Ale, the first beer that Stone made was being retired from the lineup so they open-sourced the recipe and posted it online for any home brewer to make it. As a result of Stone giving the Pale Ale recipe some people clamored for another recipe that was being retired the Levitation Ale  and once again they have shared the recipe scaled down for home brewing for all to use. This is a smart thing that Stone is doing as it allows fans of those particular beers to continue to be able to have them and individuals at home can change the beer to suit their tastes. I wonder if any other breweries would do such a thing.

Television: James Corden has started up with the Late Late Show and through two episodes it seems decent, I do like how he has all the guests out for a single interview, it kind of reminds me of The Graham Norton Show. The recorded sketches seem to drag on though and it seems like they could get rid of the desk as it is barely used. However it is still too early in the run to actually figure out if it works or not but it’s on at 12:30  in the East so whose really watching it.  The show is different but it still feel like other late night talk shows. If Corden can continue to get these high quality guests and can stay clear of the reality show stars  it may last longer than a couple of months.


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