Richard III: the reburial

I have been following this story for some time now. Richard III is a unique figure in English history with the whole War of the Roses and all that as well. The official events leading up to the re internment of the body have started. This is the first Royal funeral that I will have memory of and the first in England since 1952. I really hope that CNN or BBC America or someone like that simulcasts the events for Anglophiles in the states. As the service sounds interesting  as it is said that there will be some pre-reformation elements to the service. Since at the time England was rules by Catholics, it is unfortunate that Richard is not being buried in York or at the Catholic church in Leicester, unfortunately there is no Catholic Cathedral in Leicester. However I understand that putting Richard in a Cathedral is important since he was the King.

Hopefully with the renewed scholarship on Richard III we will begin to see a new interpretation of him in Shakespeare’s plays. The first such place may be in the second part of The Hollow Crown series which did the Henriad  (Richard II, Henry VI (i,ii) and Henry V) for their first series and in 2016 the second part will focus on the Wars of the Roses (Henry VI (i,ii,iii) and Richard III).


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