March Madness

The brackets are set and the real games begin today, sure there were the first four games held Tuesday and Wednesday nights but they really shouldn’t count as most of the time you don’t have to select who will win these games. Sure two are for 16 seeds who have a very hard task to undertake and become the first to beat a 1 seed, while the others are 11 seeds and they can cause damage to most brackets. Many people are thinking that Kentucky has what it takes to go the whole season undefeated and are putting their hopes on the top seed, but that doesn’t always work out in the long run. After today several brackets will be busted and after this weekend that number will rise.  For some people this might be the closest they get to sports during the year, i know for many of my friends they only care about it until our Alma mater, VCU is eliminated.

Everyone does brackets these days not just the official NCAA bracket which the President always fill out on ESPN, but you can look anywhere around the internet and you are bound to run into some website doing some type of play on the bracket be it movies vs tv shows on or best pie or whatever there are tons around the internet just go look and you can find something you’ll like. I think that Mental Floss has a list of some of these other brackets. If sports aren’t your game they look at one of these brackets and perhaps join in the excitement or whatever.


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