News Round up

Television (but not really television, it’s online on Yahoo!) Community is back! #sixseasonsandamovie and all but it’s kind of weird watching it online. Slate has a great observation about the new season it feels like the show but there is so much of the show that has changed over the years, with this being the as Abed say the re-re-piloting of the show. The show is on Yahoo Screen and that is the only way that you can watch the show. Yahoo will be releasing a new episode every Tuesday, the first two episodes came out yesterday,  so for the next eleven or so weeks there will be a new episode available to watch.

Books: BBC News is reporting that over in Spain that they have found the remains of Cervantes. Forensic scientists say that they have found the tomb of Miguel de Cervantes with his wife and others recorded as buried with him. The first big shock to me was that his grave was lost, you would think that the country’s biggest writer would have an equal burial site, like Shakespeare  does. Cervantes was buried in Madrid at the Convent of the Barefoot Trinitarians in 1616, but this convent was rebuilt towards the end of that century and his remains were lost. The remains were found in a forgotten crypt. The convent hopes that the remains can be identified and are reburied in the crypt which is undergoing some renovations and will be opened up next year to coincidence with the 400th anniversary of Cervantes’ death. Cervantes wrote Don Quixote and is considered the father of the modern novel.

Saints: The Atlantic has an interesting look at GK Chesterton and the movement to get him to be a saint. I like this article as it gives an overview on Chesterton, and think it’s cool that they give an overview of all the type of writing he did. I was introduced to him with his fiction and Father Brown stories but haven’t really gotten into any of his other works. Chesterton was an imposing figure and unfortunately for us there isn’t any real modern day equivalents. If you haven’t read anything by Chesterton read this article and perhaps you will find one of the works discussed interesting. It is a good think that people are calling for Chesterton to be named a saint, there are far to many priest and religious who are saints, and so few lay saints that this would be a welcome change. This isn’t a new hope Fr. James Martin, SJ expressed this same wish years ago in America Magazine. Perhaps now with everyone having a digital life there might be more members of the laity who eventually are recognized Saints by the church.


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