Book of Job: part four (third cycle of speeches)

If you remember over the past couple of weeks, we have been looking as Job and his firend has a discussion we hear Job’s three friends (Eliphaz, Biildad and Zophar) try to comfort him to little effect. They all have basically said that the misfortune that has fallen on you is because of something you did to make God angry with you and therefore you should repent. Job however continues insisting that he did nothing wrong and want to talk to God about this.  In Chapters 22-28 we have the end of the speeches from Job and his three friends.

Once again we hear from our favorite person Eliphaz who tells Job that Job has done something wrong and deserves this punishment, and that once job repents for his transgressions God and Job will be friends once again. Job replies that if only he could talk to God and figure this whole thing out things would be so much better, and he hopes God will heed his argument. Unfortunately for Job it seems that wherever he seeks the Lord he can not find the Lord.Next there is a section on violence in the world, this is chapter 24 and seems out of place.

We then here from Bildad in the shortest chapter of this book saying  to Job,”But we are all born with sin how can we be righteous in comparison to God, the moon isn’t even bright in God sight. We are but worms in the presence of God.” Job replies to this with a sure God is big and everything but Job would like some answers for once. Job then rededicates himself to the promise he made at the beginning of the book “my lips will speak no falsehood and my tongue will not utter deceit.”

The next bunch of verses it is unclear who speaks these, one of my Bibles suggests this might have been Zophar’s third speech, it is a speech on divine punishment and how the wicked will be punished. This could also be Job speaking and it would turn out to be ironic as he has been going on and on about how he is an innocent man, but has the same opinions as his friends for the wicked. The final chapter in today’s segment (28) is a beautiful reflection on Wisdom. This is another portion which has no assigned speaker, but it asks a big question where can we find Wisdom. Simply put wisdom lives with God it is the most precious thing in the world to know wisdom is to fear the Lord, or we could put it as to know the Lord is to fear wisdom.


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